My Room

by - April 26, 2017

I love fashion and all things stylish. That's why it only makes sense that I would want my bedroom to reflect my personal style. Just like with my clothing, I love mixing vintage and new pieces in my interior designs. My little sanctuary consists of pieces from retail stores, local boutiques, as well as collectables from my grandparents. I had always admired the antique figurines from my grandmother, and I was beyond grateful when she gave them to me a few years ago! The neatest thing about them is that she bought them for only a few cents in Germany when she and my Grandfather were stationed there after World War II. I also cherish my vintage paintings of my hometown, Fresno, CA, from my other grandmother who was extremely involved in the local community. I love that my room shows off my style, but also reminds me of my family and where I come from.




Thanks for reading!

- Allie

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  1. I love how colourful it is! And the pink chair is amazingggg!

    PoppyRKay //


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