Circus Circus

by - September 16, 2015

I've always been a huge believer in the saying "you don't need to spend a lot to be fashionable." This means that I rarely buy designer clothing, unless it's on sale, at an outlet store, or I have a coupon code (hooray for coupons!). However, once in awhile a collection will come around that just takes my breathe away, and I find myself being tempted to go into debt just to get my hands on some of the pieces. Ok, not really, but I am super obsessed with it! 

I first laid eyes on the Fall/Winter '15 RED Valentino Collection this morning, and instantly became obsessed. It reminds me of a heather grey sweater with a pink ballerina on it that I purchased from Target over a decade ago. I remember when I first saw that sweater back in my high school days, and it just really stuck out to me. I believe it was part of a collection, but that one sweater became the first thing I really considered to be "my style." So in a way, this RED Valentino Collection is one part nostalgia, and another part really stinkin cute!

What do you think of the RED Valentino circus-inspired Fall/Winter '15 Collection?

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. Well said about high end pieces! That's why I love that there are more modestly priced versions of those top labels like red Valentino. I love the circus theme, chic fun and unique.
    xo, Jill

  2. Totally agree with that statement! I shop at Forever 21 all the time, and wear a lot of it on my blog as well, and those are the main pieces I have been stopped just walking, to be asked where it's from. When I say F21, people always respond with "Wait, really?!" hahahaha. Too funny!

  3. such charming designs! loving RED Valentino

  4. Loving the dress-so fun!

  5. Loving those loafers ! Prints are so fun

  6. So many cute, whimsical things. I love that little romper.


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