4 Fall Trends to Try

by - August 19, 2015

Even though trends come and go, I tend to gravitate toward certain ones year after year. Below are the four things I seem to rock every single Fall.

Ok, so a vintage piece of clothing can technically be rocked all year long. However, there's something so beautiful about a classic vintage coat that can inspire a whole outfit. Just make sure the quality is great, and do not be afraid to take it to get tailored!

On crisp cold days, nothing feels cozier than a fuzzy sweater. One benefit to cooler temperatures is getting the chance to play with fabrics that just wouldn't work during the Summer. Take advantage during the Fall by piling on fuzzy sweaters, topping off a basic shirt with a feathered vest, or throw on some knit tights under a pair of shorts!

 This is one trend I always look forward to when the weather starts cooling off. There's something so preppy and chic about pairing a button down top underneath a basic sweater. It instantly elevates your look, and it couldn't be easier!

This look is definitely not exclusive to Fall, however, the more pieces that can be added to this exclusive color scheme, the better! Adding a beanie, knee-high boots, and a chic bag can instantly add interest to an outfit that only consists of two main colors. 

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  1. I like all the outfits very much! I love the colorful shoes!


  2. Coats are probably one of my favorite things about fall and winter. I have a wonderful red plaid coat that fits me perfectly but I am currently on the hunt for a vintage black peacoat. I also really love good all black and white outfits. Just feels so perfect on a winter day!


  3. beautiful post, kisses:)


  4. I love all the outfits! And amazing jacket collection!



  5. absolutely loving that purse! it's such a must have!

    XO Color Me Courtney


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