Jurassic Park

by - April 02, 2014

Ever since I was seven years old and my one and only cousin came to visit with his epic collection of Jurassic Park merchandise, my love affair with dinosaurs began. Thankfully, it hasn't stopped! Loving dinosaurs is just a part of who I am. It was what caused the kids at my new school in the third grade to laugh at me when I brought my T-Rex lunchbox into the cafeteria. It's what's helped shaped me into realizing that what we like makes us unique, and no judgement should stop that. This has really helped me with my more adult love affair with fashion. Sometimes I wonder if I look crazy wearing certain pieces together, but then I think, who cares?! 

Sweater: Forever 21 (old, similar here),  Leather Leggings: Forever 21 (old, similar here)
Heels: Love Culture (old, similar here),  Clutch: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (old, similar here)


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